Facing death
Transforming life

Débora González, Ph.D is a researcher and therapist specialized in grief and expanded states of consciousness.


Débora earned her degree in psychology from the Autonomus University of Madrid and later she earned a PhD. in pharmacology from the Autonomus University of Barcelona. She also holds an accreditation on General Sanitary Psychology and is founder and president of PHI Association for the study of states of consciousness. She is co-author of several scientific articles and book chapters about states of consciousness.


Investigation about grief

In 2005, I had the opportunity to live in a small community in the Alto Amazonas, called Ceu do Mapiá. There, I did my first field work studying the effects of ayahuasca on the neuropsychological functions and the spiritual well-being of those people. I remember this period with fascination, being aware of the privilege to explore the effects of ayahuasca on its natural ecosystem.


“Débora offered me a space of security to express my grief and helped me to connect with my own resources to find the way out of that labyrinth in which I was.”

— Mayte Arancón